Kindergarten Spring Video

Picture 1Kindergarten students in Ms. Brown’s class at Holladay Elementary have been learning about the spring and how it affects the weather, plants, and animals. So today I showed them how to create a movie about Spring using iMovie. First we opened up iMovie and they recorded themselves saying something like, “Hi, my name is Whatever, and I’m going to tell you all about spring.” I showed them how to highlight the good part of their video and drag it into the project (that is always the most difficult part of iMovie for students to understand). Next we generated a list of search terms for finding spring pictures. They came up with words like sun, flower, chick, duckling, lamb, rain, butterfly, etc. They selected one word they wanted and I showed them how to do a Google Image Search. I thought they would be able to drag the picture right into iMovie, but since they couldn’t, I had to help with that part. (I discovered that feature is in a later version of iMovie so I had to drag the picture into a folder and then drag it into iMovie). Then I showed them how to record a voiceover telling about the picture. Finally they exported their videos as QuickTime movies (yep, they did it all by themselves!). Later, I combined all their videos into one movie and added a soundtrack. You can see it here.