5th Grade Oceans Movies

Fifth grade students at Chamberlayne Elementary have been learning about the oceans and ocean ecosystems. One of their cumulating projects was to create a video about a sea animal that they studied. So after their research was done, they called me in to show them how to use iMovie to create their videos. I explained how to drag in the pictures they collected, how to adjust the Ken Burns pan and zoom effects, and how to add special sound effects via the Media Library. Before they did their voiceovers, we discussed the importance of speaking clearly with expression. Some of them chose to write out a script while others could recall the important facts with just a few notes. One of the problems with recording in a full classroom is the background noise, so I allowed students to record out in the hallway if they wished. When the videos were finished, we exported them so the teacher could publish them on her blog. You can see a couple of student samples here: Sharks and Sea Turtles.