Sandston 3/11/09

Today I worked with Mrs. Moore’s and Mrs. Beagle’s kindergarten classes on the five senses.   We visited a website that read a cute story to the kids about each sense and then we worked in Pixie.  Students had to decide which sense or senses they would use.  They had a great time and did a fabulous job!

Five Senses

Ms. Jackson’ s second graders did a Pixie project on matter.  They had to sort different types of matter, add text boxes to label each type of matter, and search for their own pictures of solid, liquid, and gas.

Mrs. Brady’s and Ms. Irby’s third grade class worked on Kidspiration projects on the phases of the moon.

2 thoughts on “Sandston 3/11/09

  1. Love the projects and work you’re doing here. I believe we are moving along the technology spectrum at an awesome rate. Your enthusiasm is definitely making a difference.

  2. Fabulous projects at Sandston! Many thanks to you, the teachers, and Mrs. Seamster for using technology in a powerful way to enhance learning in all content areas!

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