Nuckols Farm November 10, 2010

Mrs. Tyler’s third graders created their own version of maps in Inspire. They used sweet treats as symbols and showed this in the map legend.

Mrs. Hudson’s kindergarten class created themselves as scarecrows in Pixie. They then made a fall scene using stickers and pain.

Ms. Brinson’s third grade class created Keynotes on geography.

Fair Oaks November 8, 2010

Today Mrs. Clipp’s kindergarten class worked on the life cycle of a pumpkin. Students dragged the pictures into the correct order and then stamped out the letters to spell the word pumpkin.

Mrs. Axtell’s fourth graders created a graph in Pages. The students graphed the class’ favorite food. Next, they typed sentences describing the graph. They wrote about which food students liked the most and the least.

Nuckols Farm November 3, 2010

Today Mrs. Mrkowitz’s third grade class learned how to use Google Earth. We took a trip to the Rio Grande, the Appalachian Mountains, the Rocky Mountain, the James River, the Great Lakes, and even the Great Wall of China.

Mrs. Baxter’s and Mrs. Allen’s third grade classes learned how to use Keynote today. Students began making their own Keynotes about geography.

Mrs. Miller’s kindergarten class made themselves into scarecrows in Pixie. They took pictures of their faces and found lots of fall stickers to make a fall scene.

Fair Oaks November 1, 2010

Ms. Warthan’s kindergarten class practiced stamping out words in Pixie and finding pictures that went with the pictures. Students spelled out the words cat, dog, mom, dad.

Mrs. Harrison’s first grade class made all of themselves into scarecrows today. The students wrote about what they like to do in fall and then found pictures to illustrate their fall scene. They made scarecrow bodies and took a picture of their faces to use on the scarecrow body.

Fair Oaks October 25, 2010

Miss Warthan’s kindergartners worked on the pumpkin cycle. Students watched a short video clip from Discovery Education about how pumpkins grow from seeds, into vines, then yellow flowers, and then into green pumpkins, and then orange pumpkins. Students then had to put pictures in order and stamp out the word pumpkin. If you’d like to do this lesson in your class, then click on the word Pumpkin sequence.pxi.