Sandston-Idea Jam

This is the link to the class blog I started this year with the help of our ITRT, Stephanie Wright.  The goal is to give students more opportunities to write about math, science, and social studies curriculum.  Each student created an avatar in Pixie for their log in – they like seeing their avatar on the blog when they post.  The children comment on the posts, and then they also respond to other students’ comments with ideas and edits.  The librarian and resource teacher reply to the students and encourage them to think further.  This definitely encourages higher level thinking of content material, which helps students to be successful on tests.

I am looking forward to introducing the blog at back to school night next year, and hopefully get more parents involved (the ones that read it now tell me how much they enjoy it, and some even comment).

Please let me know if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions.

Catherine Jackson (cmjackson)

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