Bond MacGuffin

The Messing with the MacGuffin assignment through ds106 was a lot of fun.  Short and simple.  I used a list of 50 top movie one-liners to help get my memory going.  This could easily be applied to a K-12 classroom as well.  Students could easily change one main line in a story and describe the direction that the story will take with the new line of dialogue.  Tim Owens has created a perfect example using Harry Potter,

My dialogue change is from Dr. No, the first James Bond movie.  It is the first place that we were introduced to “Bond, James Bond”.  I am pretty sure his name helped build his image.

Here is the actual clip from YouTube:



One thought on “Bond MacGuffin

  1. That Anthony Anderson the fourth has been given everything his whole life on a silver platter, including getting into Mi6. His daddy is friends with the prime minister, of course. I’m sure he’ll end up just shooting himself in the foot and getting a medal for heroism. I hope they pin it on his ***!

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