Be kind to your projector!

We are fortunate to have so many innovative tools to use with our students!  I have even heard some teachers exclaim, “I couldn’t teach if they took away my board!”  As we learn to leverage these innovative and powerful tools, we see their potential for greatly impacting student learning.

Please take the time to turn off your projector when you are not using it. The bulb in your projector is VERY expensive.  It also has a limited number of hours to burn. The projector cannot tell if you are working through a flipchart or projecting blue, it just counts the hours.  Last year, some teachers were faced with the reality of not being able to use their boards because the bulb had burned out and there was no funding to replace bulbs.  Please don’t let this be your fate.

Consider assigning 2 students to be “Projector Captains”, train them to turn off the projector and show them the location of the remote. It will then be their jobs to make sure the projector is off every time the class leaves the room.

Dumbarton COWs

Ms. Hall’s and Ms. Gabrual’s first grade students get to work learning keyboarding skills!


11/30/09 Mrs. Baldwin’s and Mrs. Garrison’s students get in on the keyboarding fun.

12/10/09 Keyboarding instruction continues to make its way through KG and 1st grade. Mrs. Davidson’s and Mrs. Morrison’s students do an excellent job! That shift key can be tricky.

1/5/10 Mrs. Garbett’s kindergarten works hard to learn the special keys on their computers.

1/11/10 Mrs. McKenzie’s and Mr. Everett’s kindergartners finally get their chance to shine with keyboarding!

1/21/10 Mrs. Slimak’s kindergartners work really hard at using their keyboards!

1/27/10 Mrs. Corbin’s students let their fingers fly as the work their way through the keys!

Keyboarding at Mehfoud

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Kindergarten and 1st grade students in Mrs. Robbins’s, Miss Dyal’s, Mrs. Stumbo’s, and Mrs. Carlsen’s classrooms did an excellent job learning a few of the important keys on the keyboard!


10/26/09 Mrs. Stumbo’s and Miss McNulty’s students flex their fingers to improve their keyboarding skills.

11/4/09 Keyboarding work continues at Mehfoud.  Mrs. Coons’s and Mrs. Mohler’s students learned about the special keys used when typing. WOW– Mrs. Mohler’s students are the first class to have no SPACE INVADERS! Every student remembered to put just one space in between their words as they typed! Congratulations!

11/9/09 Mrs. Schliessmann’s, Mrs. Wagner’s, and Mrs. Towery’s students did a great job learning keyboarding skills!

11/19/09 Mrs. Cloney’s 1st grade students let their fingers do the walking as they learn the fine art of keyboarding!

Technology Portfolios


All K-5 teachers have been tasked with keeping a teacher technology portfolio each 9 weeks marking period.  Some great questions have come about as a result.  Attached you will find two documents that will assist you in your quest for completion of the portfolio.  The first is a handout created by David Clough, a fellow ITRT.  It will let you know the capabilities of 10 of our most popular programs.  The second document is a program list that mirrors the teacher documentation form.  Here you will find a list of each program that can be used to fulfill requirements listed on the documentation page, a ‘Cheat Sheet’ if you will.  Please feel free to share these documents with your teammates and friends from other HCPS schools.

Click here to get both help documents!